Rowing machines are increasingly popular these days. With the modern generation becoming more and more fitness conscious, the need for a suitable device becomes necessary. Rowing machines are intelligently engineered to provide full-body support and workout without much effort.

These machines are beneficial to a complete workout program. But that said, to understand the benefits of one such machine, you need to spend half a minute in the unit to experience it. But if you ask me, rowing machines are extremely versatile fitness devices that promise great total body workout without risking the muscles. See, the guidelines to use such a machine is easy and simple to follow. You will understand once you try one of these machines. Rowing is a complete body workout, indulging all the muscles to move and get activated. Your agility will improve with these workout routines.

After in-depth research, we have tried to pick some suitable options in the category of home rowing machines. Let’s have a go through:

Best Rowing Machines for Home 2022 Reviews:

Concept 2 Model D and E Rowing Machine:

Anywhere you go, anyone, you ask, the Concept 2 Model D and E will always top the list. No other rowing machine has proved to be so effective in handling the movement. Both the models, D, and E, are extremely popular and work efficiently towards producing the perfect real-time rowing impact to the user. Maintenance is also minimal for these rowers. They are a perfect option for the home because of their portability. They can fit anywhere with ease.


Equally a popular option, WaterRower uses water to provide the resistance required for a rowing workout. Unlike the Concept2 models that use air for resistance, the Waterrower creates a more real-like rowing experience due to the use of water. The body of this unit is made of fine quality wood, thus making it slightly more expensive. However, users may find it slightly difficult to use the unit in comparison to Concept2 models due to the use of water resistance.

After all, air-based resistance is easier to operate. Aesthetically speaking, the WaterRower is more beautiful and eye-pleasing. But then again, these rowers require high maintenance.

Xebex Air Rower:

This one is another air rowing unit but much affordable when compared to the Concept2 models. Xebex rowers are known for their top-notch performance and excellent functional aspects. This is a nice air rowing machine for home that promises excellent performance, nice finishing and style, and high durability. The unit also comes with some complimentary free items that make it a budget value pick.

Stamina ATS Rower:

The Stamina ATS rowing machine is an air rower. This one is a budget option and perfectly apt for those who are looking to use rowing as a kind of cardio workout equipment. It is the least expensive option in the least and uses the concept of dynamic air resistance to produce the result.

The steel rowing beam offers enough resistance to create the best impact on rowing. This unit also folds up for better portability and space-saving. If you are a starter to this type of activity, Stamina ATS Rower is the best choice to make without making a hole in your pocket.

Nordic Track RW900 Rower:

NordicTrack RW900 rower is one of the finest indoor rowing machines available. The seating arrangement is comfortable enough to make the rowing activity enjoyable. The touch-screen display is big enough to take the readings. Once you purchase this rower, you will get 1-year i-Fit membership complementary. This device works almost silently and you can even fold this to save on some storage space. 

Hydrow Rowing machine:

One of the finest rowing machines available, this device comes with a 10-roller gliding seat, 2-mp camera, hi-fi speaker system, and 22″ touch-screen display. This is truly a commercial-grade unit and the impact it will have on the body is magnificent. You can consider this rowing unit to enjoy a total body workout at the comfort of your home. It provides the ultimate professional rowing experience.

Sunny Health Magnetic Rowing machine:

This is a cheaper alternative to the above options. It may not feature those personalized training options; still, this device uses a magnetic tension system to provide a perfect rowing experience. It works silently and offers 8 levels of resistance. It features a large LCD console to display the calorie count, time, and meters rowed. The seat is comfortable enough, thanks to the thick padding. Also, you will find nice grip handlebars and no-slip foot pedals.

Sunny Water Rowing machine:

Another one from Sunny Health and Fitness, this rowing machine comes with 16 fan blades being enclosed in a water tank to provide the ultimate water rowing feel. The machine is equipped with an LCD monitor to observe the distance traveled, calories burnt, and counting the strokes. It can create the ultimate training program for you.

The sound of water swishing will make you enjoy the experience. It will be just like real rowing in the river. The tank is leak-proof and this unit is easy to install. However, tall people may find some problems with footrest.

ProForm 750R rowing Machine:

Slightly expensive, but ProForm 750R is an excellent choice for indoor rowing. It offers 24 resistance levels and targets muscles in your legs, back, and arms. If you pay for a 3-year long iFit membership, you will be eligible to access the virtual sessions conducted by certified professionals. The 5″ display console features all the necessary stats like estimated calorie burn, the time elapsed, and distance traveled. The seat rail is made of high-quality steel. Also, the seat size is big enough for oversized people.

Velocity Magnetic Rowing Machine:

This magnetic rower from Velocity is a fine option to include in your home gym. This is an excellent indoor rowing unit that integrates both drum magnetic control and electric tension to deliver the best resistance possible. Being a magnetic rower, the strokes are smooth enough and easier to operate. The frame is sturdy and made of high-quality aluminum that assures the best durability. The foot straps are adjustable and the seating position is comfortable enough to enjoy some quality time in the workout. The design is compact and can also be folded to save on the space. 

Schwinn Crewmaster Rowing Machine:

This rowing machine has a compact appearance and extremely sturdy inbuilt quality. Whether you are looking to perform some intense workout session or that beginner level, this machine is capable of managing all the sessions with an equal level of efficiency. There are a total of 10 magnetic resistance levels for users to challenge their efforts. Higher the levels, the more difficult it will become to perform. 

Merax Rowing Machine:

This is a water rowing machine from Merax. The tank is placed in a vertically inclined position. This creates a strange view. But that said, such an arrangement also offers greater resistance when it comes to the pulling motion in a rowing activity. Your stamina, strength, and agility will be challenged once you try performing the rowing workout in this machine.

What are the essential areas that we focused on when picking the best rowing machines for home use?

Well, there are certain areas that we focused at. Have a look:

  • Resistance Mode: How good is the resistance being offered by the rowing machine? Resistance is generated through either of the three, hydraulic cylinders, flywheels spinning against water, or flywheels spinning against air. Of these, the hydraulic cylinder based rowing is the least expensive, followed by air, and then water is the most expensive.  
  • Monitor: The presence of a good quality monitor to track the results is necessary. We focused on the quality of the monitor, its display factor, and also the type of data being displayed. Also, accuracy is a big thing and we never overlooked that.
  • Fluidity: How well the fluid motion start as well as the return is offered by the device? To check on this, we also focused on the cord or chain being attached to the flywheel and handle.
  • Maintenance: The maintenance is a big part of the offering. Once you are purchasing a rowing unit, make sure the maintenance cost is less. Unless so, your investment on the machine will be a total mismatch. So, we focused on rowing machines that are low on maintenance.  
  • Price: We compared the pricing of the devices based on the kind of features they offered. How much value is being added to the device for the price being paid is something we looked at and accordingly, placed the units on our list.  
  • Warranty: Finally, the warranty being offered by the company is focused at strongly. Since these machines don’t come for a cheap price, the warranty should be a minimum of 3 years in the unit. We focused on that and accordingly included items on the list.

Final Verdict:

So, what’s your take? There are 12 options available above. You can consider one of these after surveying your own. These are trustworthy options and you will be safe on investment.