Home gyms are becoming more and more common these days. With the right kind of instruments, a home gym can become the perfect place for a workout without the need for those expensive health club memberships. A rowing machine should be included in the home gym. It is an instrument that provides a total body, aerobic workout. It is effective and can make your workout session quite enjoyable. Staying fit is the only option for a happy life.

There are several rowing machines available, right from the very basic options to the fanciest and premium ones. Now, pricing depends on the quality and features of the unit. Also, do keep a note of the fact that rowing machines offer resistance through any of the four ways: magnet, hydraulic, water, or air. Each of these variants comes with its own set of pros and cons. Here, we will be reviewing some of the best indoor rowing machines available.

List of Best Indoor Rowing Machines 2022:

Model D from Concept 2:

Presently, the Model D from Concept2 is one of the most popular indoor rowing machines available. It is also one of the biggest selling units available. Some reasons justify the sale. The construction is solid and almost flawless that assures long-lasting with minimal maintenance. We have tested the functionality of the rower.

This rowing unit functions on air resistance and promises a smooth action with adjustable resistivity. The unit comes with extra padded layers of seats to provide comfortable seating when performing the workout. For a price below $1000, this rower is a great pick with some strong features like Bluetooth connectivity, PM5 automatic console, and USB connectivity. It is a great rowing machine for home gyms, clubs, and offices.


  • Air resistance flywheels
  • Minimal noise
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity and ANT+ compatibility for heart rate monitoring and also to manage other apps
  • Backlit LCD
  • A simple change of damper to control the airflow  
  • Easy to assemble
  • Compact design allows for easy movement and storage
  • Connects with a wide range of popular fitness apps
  • Stored dimension: 25 in x 33 in x 54 in (63.5 cm x 83.8 cm x 137.2 cm)

Pros and Cons:

PM5 consoleVery tall people may face slight adjustable problems
Bluetooth connectivityAir resistance can be slightly noisy at times
Extra padded seats
Build quality
Smooth action
Memory card storage support

Air and magnetic rowing machine from SereneLife:

This air and magnetic rowing unit from Serene Life has impressed us with its flawless performance. It is foldable and perfect for a full-body workout without going through high-pressure fitness curriculums. This rower is easy to use and promises an effective workout session without the need to leave the home. The functioning is smooth and the seating arrangement is comfortable enough to provide the best of workout experience.

The pedal style footrests provide excellent support while engaging in the workout process. We have tested this machine against calorie burning. The results are highly impressive. The machine promises effective calorie-burning without causing any kind of discomfort. The device is ideal for anyone, irrespective of weight if the workouts are performed in low-impact range.


  • Portable folding standup design
  • Digital LCD
  • Extra padded row seating arrangement
  • Tension control
  • Pedal style footrests
  • 8 levels of tension resistance
  • Extra padded gripping at the handlebar
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Stored dimension: 39. 3” x 17. 7” x 53. 1”

PROs and CONs:

Light construction styleThe compute backlit feature is not present
Easy to move and store due to foldable optionThe pulse reading function is absent
Front base comes with transport wheels
Ergonomic, padded seat promises high comfort level
Pivoting footrests offers perfect foot position 
Extremely smooth resistance
Operates quietly 
Minimal maintenance
8 resistance levels
Easy assembling
Comes with in-built exercise meter

Natural rowing machine from Water Rower:

The rower may well be an expensive option in the list but assures a highly realistic rowing experience. The solid wood resign is too pleasing to the eyes. This rower performs quietly than the other options available due to a wooden body. After all, wood absorbs sounds better than metal.

The experience is more realistic and the S4 performance monitor efficiently track the time, distance, speed, intensity, heart rate, and stroke rate. The design is aesthetically pleasing and functional aspects, top-notch. All said, the device cannot be folded to save space. However, you can store it vertically.


  • S4 performance monitor
  • Solid wooden design
  • True water rowing experience
  • We-Row compatible
  • Laptop holder
  • Hi-rise compatible
  • Dual rails

PROs and CONs:

Natural MotionLimited Resistance Levels
Soothing impactCannot be folded to save space while storing
Noiseless operation process
Compact Design and can be stored in an upright position 
Beautiful Wooden Finish

A magnetic rower from Hydrow:

Hydrow magnetic rower is one of the best rowing machines available presently. Whatever you expect from a premium rowing machine, Hydrow offers them all. At the same time, it works at a silent note, without disturbing others. The movement is smooth and the electromagnetic resistance promises a very effective and enjoyable workout session. There is a toggle switch located at the front that can be used to turn on or off the rower.

However, if you continue to keep it on and leave the machine idle, it will automatically go to sleep mode after a time. The display is first-rated, showing strokes per minute, heart rate, and calories burned. The Live Outdoor Reality feature of the display screen creates a feel of actual rowing in the water. We have tried and tested this unit and it creates an amazing satisfaction upon completion of the workout. There is also a wide range of videos available upon availing the class membership service.

The video sessions range in between 10-45 minutes. The rowing classes mostly range in between 15-45 minutes while the mat workouts like yoga and Pilates run in the range of 5-20 minutes. The additional subscriptions are not cheap, though. You have to pay $460 to avail one-year membership. The vertical storage kit is also sold separately, for a price of $70.


  • Operates silently
  • Ultra-smooth resistance
  • Live Outdoor Reality-based display screen
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity enabled
  • Easy foot adjustment
  • Full HD screen resolution
  • Weight holding capacity is 375 lbs
  • Ergonomic design for a comfortable gripping
  • Stored dimension 25” x 33” x 86”

PROs and CONs:

Solid build quality; made of aluminum, polymer, and steelExpensive
Toggle switch at the front makes it easier to turn on or off the machineStorage kit needs to be purchased separately
Large LCD Full HD touch screen display
Smooth and noiseless performance

Kettler Kadett Outrigger Style Rower Rowing Machine:

The Kettler Kadett Rowing Machine is a fine indoor rowing device to stay fit and healthy. The extra padded seating arrangement ensures a high level of comfort while performing the rowing activity. The presence of sealed ball bearings makes it easier to glide smoothly along the steel track to provide the best comfort. The unit comes with an infrared earlobe clip sensor to electronically measure the pulse rate.

The LCD panel is impressive enough regarding HD display and provides the essential workout data like energy consumed, pulse rate, time, distance, frequency, and strokes. The device is also equipped with dual hydraulic pistons with adjustment knobs to change the resistance level accordingly.


  • High-resolution LCD digital display 
  • Two industrial strength hydraulic pistons
  • Presence of an infrared earlobe clip sensor to measure the pulse rate electronically
  • 12 Resistance Levels 
  • Biomechanically correct footplates offer a natural pivoting action
  • Powder-coated frame, made from high carbon steel
  • An extra layer of padding ensures comfortable seating
  • Chrome-plated steel rails
  • Stored dimension: 25″ x 33″ x 53″  

PROs and CONs:

Excellent performanceThe rowing action is too much conventional
Full HD LCDThe footrests tend to move when performing rowing
Sealed ball bearings promise smooth glidingThe assembling part is slightly complicated
Infrared earlobe clip sensor for pulse rate measurement
Can adjust the settings to suit the height of the user
Sturdily built
Easy storage due to foldable option

Final Verdict:

So, what is it going on in your mind? While there are many, these above mentioned five rowers are great indoor units and promise excellent workout sessions to tone your muscles and reduce the fat. You can consider giving one of these a try for your home gym.