Rowing machines are excellent tools to get your body enjoys a complete workout. These are types of equipment that promise a total body workout without creating much of hiccups. Keeping oneself fit and steady is necessary and essential for a healthy life. You need to understand those physical activities, be it with or without equipment, is necessary to retain the momentum of the body. But it has been noticed that many of us fail to motivate ourselves to indulge in a fitness regime without the presence of suitable equipment. This is where indoor rowing machines prove to be the real gem.

When looking for rowing machines, pricing may be a big issue. Most of the top-rated rowing machines are expensive and cost in the range of a few thousands of dollars. However, some new age rowing units are coming up under $500. We will focus on those, the best rowing machines under $500 to consider for home use. Let’s start:

The Best Rowing Machines under $500 in 2022:

Marcy Turbine Rower:

This is a nice rowing device with 8 nos. of adjustable magnetic resistance settings. It is easy to customize your rowing workout using this machine. You can perform different workouts using this tool. It also comes with a big Display unit that features distance, RPM, calories burned, speed, time, etc. The rower also features a large footprint. The overall look of this rower is catchy enough with a sturdy built quality. The paddle straps are adjustable to fit different sized footwear.

The handlebars are also well padded to provide that extra bit of comfort during rowing. Makes less noise while you are rowing and the transport wheels are easy to adjust and can be folded. However, the unit’s display does not feature a heart rate sensor. Also, the sitting arrangement is a bit on the lower side which may create some discomfort for taller people.

Tunturi R30 Rower:

The first thing you will notice in this rowing machine is its simple interface. It also features 8 adjustable resistance levels. There is a knob present to adjust the levels as per your requirement. The display is big and nice. It shows most of your workout data like speed, time, calories, heart rate, etc. The device is durable and much comfortable. It is safe to use regularly. However, no backlit LED is present in the display.

Merax Water Rowing:

Merax introduces a highly durable water rowing unit that can resist weight up to a total of 330 lbs. This water rower has the tank fitted in an inclined position, promising greater resistance. Using this rower, you can easily carry out your cardio as well as an aerobic workout at the comfort of your home. The sound of water splashing will certainly create a soothing, real rowing experience. It is affordable and perfect for home-usage.

The functioning of this rower is smooth and noise-free. The seating design is comfortable and promises a very powerful resistance level. It has a compact design and can be folded to save space. However, there is no presence of a backlit LED display.

Lifespan RW1000 Rower:

The RW1000 Rower is another affordable rowing machine under $500. Using this machine, you can enjoy a total body workout while strengthening the muscles and improve your body’s flexibility and agility. The design is excellent and the device promises a smooth rowing effect. This machine includes the Eddy Current Drive System for Ultraquiet Magnetic Resistance. The 16.5″ flywheel promises excellent performance.

The machine comes with a comfortable foam-based height-adjustable seat, adjustable foot pedals, and a total of 5 resistance levels.  The resistance being offered is smooth enough and noise-free. The entire structure is made from solid steel that promises the highest form of durability. Display control is quite large but lacks the presence of a heart rate sensor. Excellent seating arrangement, comfortable and comes with adjustable height.

Sunny SF-RW5508 Rower:

This Ultra Tension rower may look simple but comes with advanced technology to create that ultimate impact. The monitor is capable of tracking data and information like rowing duration, heat pulse, strokes per minute, burned calories, etc. Although the heart rate sensor is not available, there is a provision to add an external device to handle things properly.

The machine offers resistance up to 10 levels. Assembling the machine is done without much difficulty. It’s simple and fast. The machine can handle body weight up to a total of 300 lbs. Tall users will also find this device suitable to use. The compact design makes it easily transportable.

Stamina ATS 1405 Air Rower:

This is one of the most affordable air rowing machines available presently. It is compact and can manage your fitness goals perfectly. The machine comes with a comfortable molded seat and extra-sized seat rail. The smooth movement will ensure that you can burn the calories easily without any kind of joint impact. The sturdy steel body promises the highest level of durability and long-lasting performance.

This machine comes with floor protectors that prevent your floor from abrasions and scratches. The unit comes with a multifunctional electronic performance monitor that displays time, distance, calories, strokes, and several workouts to ensure the best tracking. The device is easy to assemble and can be folded for smart storing. 

CIRCUIT FITNESS Foldable Magnetic Rower:

This is the latest product from Circuit Fitness. This Deluxe Foldable rowing machine uses magnetic resistance to provide a perfect workout that also promises the highest efficiency to muscle groups. The rower comes with a very useful display monitor that shows data for a workout like duration, speed, calories burnt, heart rate pulse, distance, etc. However, chest straps are not provided. You need to purchase them separately.

The seats are ergonomically designed and promise the highest level of durability. The handlebar is foam covered and assures superior workout experience. The unit comes with 8 levels of variable resistance.  The rower is aesthetically pleasing in looks. The foot straps are adjustable and can fit in any shoe size. Also, the paddle is anti-slippery.

Velocity Magnetic Rowing machine:

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower is a nice indoor rowing unit, affordably priced, and features a heart rate monitor. The rower feature drummed magnetic control and smooth resistance. The unit has a compact design and can be easily moved from one direction to another. It is one of the best rowing machines under $500. The seating has extra padding that promises better comfort.

The machine operates without making much noise. The LCD monitor is capable of displaying useful information as distance covered, speed, time, calories burned, heart rate, etc. The total bodyweight capacity of this machine is 275 lbs. The foot pedals are non-slippery and adjustable. However, people with 6 feet and above heights will find it sometimes uncomfortable.

Go Plus Water Rower:

When it comes to water rowers, the available options are mostly expensive. However, this model is affordable and priced within the $500 mark. The construction is sturdy and heavy-duty and promises the highest level of durability. The resistance for rowing is done through the filling of water in the tank attached. More amount of water being filled, higher will be the resistance and more difficult the workout. The display unit feature time, speed, heart rate, and calories.

The device features a fully aluminum finished main rail. It comes with 3 years of warranty. Foam padded handlebar assures extra comfort. However, the machine is capable of withstanding weight to a maximum of 220 lbs. The foot paddle straps are adjustable.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5713 Water Rower:

Another affordable option from Sunny Health and Fitness, the SF-RW5713 is a water rower that promises engaging workout sessions. Quality or performance, the SF-RW5713 assures total value for money. It is a budget water rower that looks attractive and engages nearly 85% of the body muscles.

The design is cool and comes with an adjustable seating arrangement. The presence of wheels at the bottom helps the unit to move on easily from one place to another. Rowing experience is smooth enough.

Final Verdict:

So, I have tried hard to figure out the best rowing devices for a home under $500. You can check them out. These are popular and well-reviewed units. They perform well and your fitness workout requirements will be best managed accordingly. These machines are portable and easy to store.

However, before taking a decision, you must have a clear understanding of the operation process for each type of rower, be it the air, water, or magnetic. That will help you understand the resistance offered by the unit. You can visit a local health club to understand. Also, when shopping for the item, you can even be physically present to check and test different types of rowers before finalizing the choice.

Make sure you are investing in the best option that suits your body capacity level. Always consider the equipment that makes your muscles move smoothly without causing any harm. It is necessary to enjoy an effective workout, not something that will cause tremendous strain and fatigue to your body.