Water rowers are extremely popular. Some reasons justify the popularity factor. What makes water rowers so popular is the impact and real-time rowing feel they provide. These rowers are excellent to carry out aerobic exercises, resulting in better stamina build-up and improved immune system. Your overall sleep quality will also improve. Using this type of rowing machine, you will be able to lose weight, tone up the muscles, and burn calories effectively. However, you also need to focus on a healthy diet chart. A healthy chart with some adequate workout sessions will help in shaping your body.

Let’s have a look at some of the best water rowing machines available presently and review them accordingly:

Best Water Rowing Machines 2022:

SNODE Water Rowing Machine:

SNODE water rowing machine is an excellent choice for home gyms. This device creates a challenging workout session to engage the user in burning the fat. Nearly 85% of the body’s muscles are involved and it’s safe to use. A perfect device for a cardio workout without investing enough time, SNODE water rower is the ultimate choice to reach your fitness goals. The pedals are adjustable to suit different feet size. The straps are stable enough to support the weight while working out. The device comes with levelers located at the bottom for perfect adjustment to different floor conditions and preventing the wobbling. The LCD monitor is also impressive enough, displaying speed, distance, heart rate, calories, and time. There is a quick start and stop option with a simple push of a button.

Best Water Rowing Machines


  • Water-resistant
  • Ergonomic design with anti-slip foot pedals, adjustable shoe size, and durable injection-molded seat
  • LCD Monitor with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Dimension: 43 L x 21 W x 18 H inches
  • Maximum User Weight Capacity: 331 pounds
  • Compact size and portable design allow for easy storage with minimal space usage

Life Fitness Row HX Trainer:

The Life Fitness Row HX rower is another terrific water rowing unit available presently. The rower comes with 4 levels of resistance and can be stored easily due to its compact design. The rower has an aesthetically pleasing structure, steel framing with natural wood design. The unit uses Fluid Technology-based resistance to create a perfectly natural and smooth rowing sensation. The ergonomic angled handles offer better gripping and the dual pieces rail system creates a better workout impact.

Best Water Rowing Machines


  • The natural wood and tempered steel frame
  • 4 resistance levels
  • Easy adjustment option
  • Fluid Technology resistance System
  • Easy to move
  • Small footprint to fit in any space
  • The rower is 213 cm tall and can be easily stored in an upright position

First Degree Fitness Evolution Series E-316 Fluid Compact Professional Rower:

The First-Degree Fitness E-316 is a fine water rower, perfectly commercial grade but somewhat affordable than some of the competitors. The best part about this rower is the wide range of training options it offers, be it interval training or progressive training. It comes with an advanced ergometer and also offers online connectivity. The most notable thing about this rower is its sturdy construction, made from high-quality aluminum and steel.

The front stricture is made from steel tubing. The gliding rails you will notice on the seat are made from anodized aluminum. Steel has been used also in constructing the rear stabilizer. There are adjustable stabilizers located at the front part of the device. The rear base also comes with rubber padding, ensuring a perfect grip to the floor.

The First-Degree Fitness E-316 is a fine addition to the water rower category. It comes with a dual-chamber water tank. The unit offers 16 levels of resistance. The truly versatile ergometer can be connected online. The sturdy construction ensures minimal maintenance and long lastingness. This instrument is perfect for interval training, weight loss workouts, cardio sessions, and endurance building. It may not be cheap compared to other options on the list but certainly a true value for the money.

Best Water Rowing Machines


  • Fully featured compact commercial ergometer
  • 16 levels of variable fluid resistance
  • Direct Drive System
  • Extended transport wheels  
  • Dyneema cable – no chains, no lubrication
  • Assembled dimensions: 211L x 80W x 102H cm

CHENNAO Home Rowing Machine:

This water rowing machine can provide you with a very effective aerobic workout and can also offer high-intensity interval training while being in the comfort of your home. The presence of PU foamed seats smoothly glides through rollers. The textured pedals are large and easily adjustable. You will also notice the presence of safety straps that can be adjusted to meet different feet sizes. The resistance can also be adjusted based on the total volume of water present in the tank.

The machine provides a real-time rowing experience due to the water-based resistance mechanism. This makes the unit a better option when compared to traditional hydraulic and air rowers. The faster you row, the better impact you will feel with this rowing device. Adjusting the resistance of the rowing is simple and based on the amount of water present in the tank. This machine promises a full-body workout without causing much of fatigue. It not only burns down the calories but helps in developing strength and flexibility.

The resistance can be adjusted easily to create a more challenging workout environment. The LCD is large and tracks your calories, distance, and time. There is a scan more available that displays the progress of your workout through tracking.

Best Water Rowing Machines


  • PU seat on rollers
  • Large LCD monitor tracks your count Time, Distance, and Calories  
  • Overall Dimensions: 93-3/4″(L) x 21-3/4(W) x 19-3/4″(H)
  • Max Weight Capacity: 330lbs

Rowing machine Water Trac Glider:

The Rowing machine’s water trac glider is the perfect rower for your home gym. It has a natural rowing movement, practically noiseless, and offering the best of smooth movement. The users will have a feel of an actual rowing movement. The display LCD is large and feature tracking info in regards to calories burnt, total workout time, total distance covered, heart rate, pulse rate, etc.

Seating is smooth through an extra layer of padding and the side rails also come with skid resistance gripping. The paddle straps are adjustable and users can find this feature useful to enjoy an uninterrupted foot movement. This machine is perfectly apt for a full-body workout, though in mid-range. But it is effective and can help in burning a good amount of calories if performed for 20-30 minutes at a stretch. Follow a good diet and soon positive results will be displayed.

Best Water Rowing Machines


  • The construction is heavy-duty, assures durability and minimal maintenance
  • Water case strong and durable 
  • Total body workout options
  • Smart LCD panel to view and record the exercise data
  • Water-resistance system
  • The scientific and systemic training process
  • Burning cellulite and calories reduction
  • Helps the body in regaining the best in shape
  • Almost silence workout process
  • Material: Steel
  • Water Case Material: Double layer Makrolon
  • Size: 190*58*55cm/74.8*22.8*21.7inch
  • Adjustable Resistance: water
  • Max Weight Capacity: 200kg/440 lbs

Benefits of Water Rowers:

The Water rowers have some very good benefits. It includes:

  • Water rowers are more effective in offering a high-intensity workout without the impact. Using this kind of a rowing machine, a full-body workout session is much possible that can help in faster calorie burning without enforcing an excessive amount of strain on the joints. The soothing sound of water while you row in one such unit creates a real rowing feel.
  • Using water rowers, you will be able to burn a thousand calories in an hour while improving the heart health and overall body composition. 
  • This type of workout is safe on the joints and can be a better alternative to regular cardio workout procedures. However, the intensity is quite high and the calorie-burning process remains the same without straining the joints. If you row properly and regularly, followed by a good diet, it will help in removing excess fat from your hips, ankles, and knee joints. Rowing helps prevents muscle wear and tear.
  • Rowing promotes heart health. It helps in improving the overall cardiovascular health than other types of exercise devices. Researchers have indicated that regular rowing for 15-20 minutes can help improve on the heart function and structure, thus improving the overall performance of the body.

Final Verdict:

When it comes to keeping the body fit, there are lots of options available. You can use pieces of machinery and equipment to perform workouts; you may even use only your body to do so as well. Whatever may it be, working out properly is the thing to consider. Your body must adjust to the scenario. You need to make sure that no harm is done to your muscles and tissues. Using water rowers, your body receives the most effective workout without causing any harm to the tissues and muscles. People of any age can perform this type of workout without straining the muscles.