Concept 2 rowers are popular choices when it comes to indoor rowing machines. The Concept 2 Dynamic rowing machine is the latest from this brand and has a niche fan following. Unlike the other concept 2 rowers, the Dynamic version creates a more realistic rowing effect, replicating the real water rowing scenario.

What this suggests is the fact that your entire body gets the necessary workout through efficient movements of arms and legs but the torso remains static. The Dynamic rower from Concept 2 has a sturdy construction, made from pure American steel and also features a PM5 monitor for displaying the necessary metrics. The device is compact and can fit in places with limited space availability. In fact, this Concept 2 Dynamic Rower can be easily placed beneath the seat.

concept2 dynamic rower review

Understanding the difference between a Static and Dynamic rower

There are two types of indoor rowers available. Concept 2 Dynamic is a dynamic rower.

That said, there are also static rowers available.

Are these types similar or different?

concept2 dynamic rower review

Let’s have a look at the differences:

The movement

When using a static rower, users need to push their feet on the foot-boards that will slide them backward while being on the seating position. After sliding backward, the user will lean back and then pull the handle to the chest to perform the movement. The user can also perform the reverse through arms being extended while the body bends forward and the seat slides forward to bend the knees. In short, when using a static rower, the machine will not move; only the user moves back and forth.

When using a dynamic rower, the initial procedures remain the same but with a slight difference. Here, the user will not be sliding backward. Rather, the flywheel unit of the device will slide away and forward it from the user. In short, this type of movement is basically a more authentic representation of the actual boat sliding when rowing on water.

Pricing and types

Static rowing machines are more popular when compared to dynamic rowers. In most of the gyms and fitness clubs, you will notice their presence. Also, static rowers are common for homes. These rowers are available in different resistance types like air, magnetic, water, and hydraulic piston. The static rowers are affordable and priced in the range of $100 – $2,000.

Dynamic rowing machines offer a more realistic rowing experience but they cost a lot more compared to static rowers. They are air rowing units because the resistance been offered resembles that actual rowing on the water. These rowing machines are priced in the range of $1400 – $4000.

Concept2 Dynamic Rowing Machine – Features at a glance

• Resistance Type – Air
• Resistance Level – 10
• Programs – 10
• Bluetooth – Yes
• Dimensions (inches) – 76″ L x 24.3″ W x 21.5″ H
• Maximum User Weight Capacity – 500 lbs.
• Overall Length – 76 in (193 cm)
• Width – 24.3 in (62 cm)
• Seat Height – 21.5 in (55 cm)
• Monorail Length – Fits inseams up to 40 inches
• Chain or Cord – High strength synthetic drive cord
• Chain/Cord Housing – Partially enclosed
• Monitor – PM5
• Power Requirement – Takes two D cell batteries. During your workout, the monitor draws power from the spinning flywheel to extend battery life.
• Maximum User Weight – 500 lb (227 kg)
• Construction – Welded steel
• Monitor Arm – Aluminum. Pivots for storage and to adjust monitor height. The monitor angle can also be adjusted.
• Finish – Powder coat
• Color Scheme – Light gray with dark blue-gray accents
• Storage – Must be stored in its fully assembled state
• Space Recommendations:
• Assembled: 6.3 ft x 2 ft (193 cm x 62 cm)
• With Clearance for Use: 7.5 ft x 4 ft (229 cm x 122 cm)
• For Storage: 6.3 ft x 2 ft (193 cm x 62 cm)
• Machine Weight: 92 lb (42 kg)
• Shipping Dimensions -Two boxes: 15 in x 22 in x 56 in (38 cm x 56 cm x 142 cm), 13 in x 9 in x 77 in (33 cm x 23 cm x 196 cm)
• Shipping Weight – Box 1: 57 lb (26 kg), Box 2: 53 lb (24 kg)

A look at the positives of Concept2 Dynamic Rowing machine

The Concept 2 Dynamic Rowing machine is a popular option when it comes to indoor rowing units. Let’s have a look at positives that makes it so enticing.

concept2 dynamic rower review

• The Concept 2 Dynamic rower is sturdily built. It is made in the USA and promises excellent quality control along with stellar customer service.
• This machine comes with a very unique floating footrest that improves the rowing process. The footrest movement is smooth and helps in transmitting the entire force of the body. It helps in proper control of the body; such an option is not available with other rowing machines.
• The air resistance system of Concept 2 creates minimal noise due to the smooth motion. The presence of a damper helps in adjusting the airflow. At the same time, the resistance keeps on changing with the intensity level of the user. This ensures that all the skill levels are supported properly.
• This Concept 2 Dynamic rower comes with a movable windshield that can safeguard against the breeze caused due to air resistance. Those who don’t like this breeze can have the windshield attached; otherwise, it can be easily removed.
• The Performance Monitor of this unit is truly a class apart; it comes with workout programs, games, and options for session feedback. It also features USB drive connectivity and Bluetooth connection. A steel bracket has been used to connect the monitor and it can be tilted as well.
• The slides of this rower are designed for absolute on-water simulation. This helps in changing the total workout physics. These slides are being attached to bungee cords and create a floating sensation, thus improving the stroke rate. These slides can even connect multiple numbers of Dynamic machines if there is a team workout requirement.
• The ergonomic rowing handles of this machine are being angled in such a manner that they support the exact motion for natural rowing.
• The rower is attached to Performance Monitor 5 that can work with Bluetooth and ATN to display heart rate data.
• The height of the rower is 20” from the ground that promises for a perfect seating for those having mobility issues. Higher Profile: Seating for the Concept2 Dynamic Indoor Rower is 20” from the ground, which is the height of a typical chair and good for users with mobility issues.
• Those having longer legs will find this device much comfortable to the user as it offers inseams up to a maximum 40″. In the case of rail extensions, those are also available.
• The rowing unit is 76” long and 20” shorter when compared to models D and E.
• The Concept 2 Dynamic comes with attached wheels that make it easy to move from one place to another.
• The machine offers a total weight capacity of 500 lbs and comes with a warranty period of 5 years on the frame and 2 years the moving parts and the monitor.

A look at the negatives of Concept2 Dynamic Rowing machine

It’s very difficult to figure out negative points for the Concept2 Dynamic Rowing machine. However, here are a few points to consider.

• Expensive for those who are looking for something within budget! After all, this is a Dynamic Rower and cannot be compared to the pricing you get for static rowing units. If you want to spend big without a problem, this is an option to consider.
• Next, the unit although takes up the least amount of space for storage, cannot be divided into parts when moving around. It is not detachable and comes in a single piece.

Our Final Verdict

The Concept2 Dynamic Rowing machine is a compact indoor rower that comes with a wide range of features and excellent motion control for the users. It is a much-advanced version when compared to the earlier models from Concept2 like the Concept2 D and E. The overall design of this rowing unit is sleek and doesn’t take up much of space. The ergonomics and engineering make this rowing unit a great option for indoor performers and can promise a real-time in-boat experience. Users with inseam up to a maximum of 40″ can find this machine useful.

Manufactured in the United States of America, this Concept2 Dynamic Rowing machine comes with leg support up to 20″. The seat positioning is high enough, offering benefits to people with mobility issues. The resistance being offered by this unit is smooth and extremely reliable. The wind resistance is provided through the movement of a fan. With the rowing intensity increasing, the resistance factor also increases. It can be adjusted using a damper, thus making it suitable for different training levels.

The machine comes with a highly efficient PM5 monitor display featuring different presents and workout programs. It also features several rowing games. The monitor displays important data as calories burned, distance traveled, etc. Data transmission can happen to other devices over Wi-Fi or even through the use of a Flash Drive. The monitor also displays accurate heart rate monitoring and comparison rates.

This indoor rowing unit is a great addition to the home gym and fitness stations. It offers perfect value for gyms and clubs. It can be used by novices as well as experts. Professional rowers will also find this unit helpful to keep up the tempo. The machine has been engineered to fit different body sizes as well as the skill levels. It is presently one of the best air resistance rowers available in the market.